ASP.NET Web Forms Application

Module Supplementary Material

This section contains supplementary material to stupport students in completing CTEC2402 SW Development Project module which is part of the DMU HND in Computing. The purpose is to provide information on how to use Web Forms to implement the project instead of ADO.NET.

Web Forms

Web Forms is the same technology used in the Visual Web Development and Advanced Programming modules. The difference is that the ways outline here are up to date and represent the current way of using web forms. ADO.NET was Microsoft's original technology brought out in 2001, and since then many new components (that are based on ADO.NET) have been added to make deveopment easier, with less code, and much of the development can now be completed in design view. These pages will summarise:-

  1. Creating a Web Forms Project using Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.5 and adding an Access database
  2. Adding a SQLDataSource and creating a suitable query
  3. Adding a GridView and configuring it to include Edit, Select, Sort and Delete operations
  4. Adding a DetailsView to include Insert, Edit and Delete.
  5. Adding controls to provide client side data validation on grids and forms
  6. Adding drop down lists to improve the user interface.
  7. How to configure the project to use an SQL Server Express database file for user logins and authentication.
  8. Modifying the default Master page, css and the web pages to match your orignal design.
  9. Using HTML5 and CSS3 to enhance the web pages