Unit 6: Software Design and Development

Overall Aims

The aim of this module is to provide resources that can be used to support the learning aims of the BTEC National Diploma in IT, Unit 6 Software Design and Development

  • Know the features of programming languages
  • Understand the principles of software design
  • Be able to use tools to demonstrate software design


  1. 03/11/2014: Assessment 1 - Which Language?
  2. 28/11/2014: Assessment 2 - Application Design
  3. An Example Submission for Assessment 2 - Task 2
  4. Student Survey on Unit 6
  5. Student Survey Results

Assessment Criteria

P1: describe the application and limits of procedural, object oriented and event driven programming paradigms P2: describe the factors influencing the choice of programming language
P3: explain sequence, selection and iteration as used in computer programming P4: outline the benefits of having a variety of data types available to the programmer
P5: explain the role of software design principles and software structures in the IT systems development lifecycle P6: use appropriate tools to design a solution to a defined requirement

Grading Criteria

A number of the resources quoted above are also good sources for addressing the grafing criteria. In particular Steve McConnall book Code Complete 2 which is highly regarded by professional programmers. However it is 850 pages long and will be difficult to extract a good summary for M1 and D1.

The following shorter resources may help, but for the grading criteria you are encourages to find your own sources, and to reference them in your answers. Wikipedia should be ragarded as a starting point, but not used as an authorative reference.

M1: Explain the importance of the quality of code D1: Discuss the factors that can improve the readability of code
M2: Justify the choice of data types and software structures used in a design solution D2: Develop algorithms to represent a design solution

You need to use Pseudocode to develop an algorithm for your chosen design. e.g. how the zombies are going to chase you, or how the waiter enters a pizza order. An example will be demonstrated in class.