Visual Studio 2012

Visual Studio 2012 contains all the components required to develop web pages with database back ends apart from Git which needs to be added as a plugin (see Git Version Control)

Starting a New Project

As mentioned earlier projects work better than web sites particularly when moving work between College and home. So starting a new project involves selecting File -> New -> Project from the file menu

Please check you have selected the required language (C# or VB), you have given the new project a clear and unambiguous name such as Week06_ManagingRooms and it is stored in your module folder in this case CTEC2902_AdvProg. Please note that no folder or file names should contain spaces as some web languages cannot handle them. Use the underbar if you wish to break the name into words, or use uppercase for the start of each word in the name

Also make sure that you have left create directory for solution ticked in order to keep all files for the solutuion in a single folder which can then be copied elsewhere if necessary.

For most of the modules it is best to start with an empty ASP.NET web application, and add any files necessary. However for the project starting with a Web Forms, or MVC 4 web site will speed up development considerably.

Image of standard project flders

For ASP.NET web forms web sites there are some standard folders in addition to App_Data and App_Code. Typically style sheets are stored in a Content folder, JavaScript files in a Scripts folder and Images in a Content\Images folder.