CTEC2402: Sofware Development Project

Git Servers

Although Google Code and Microsoft's Codeplex both offer free Git and Subversion servers, they are offered only under Open Source licences. This poses a problem as under such licenses your code is freely avaiable to anyone else to read. As a student this lays you open to plagiarism by other students. I therefore think that you need a private Git Server such as Bitbucket which offers a free server for projects involving 5 or less developers. If you wish to use Git I suggest that you register with Bitbucket and one of your team creates a suitable repository.


Git has been designed to complete as much work as possible locally, and then update a remote master copy occassionaly. The remote repository will have a url along the lines of https://derekpeacock@bitbucket.org/derekpeacock/talkischeap.git derekpeacock is the bitbucket username, and talkischeap is the name of the repository. To setup a remote connection select Git Extensions and then Manage Remote

Git Remotes

Remote Repositories

Add a new remote connection and set the name BitBucketTalkIsChear, (or something similar). The push url (remote destination) is the bitbucket url mentioned above and the Fetch url can be found by browsing to the local Visual Studio project folder. Save the changes and close

To synchonise the remote repository select Git Extensions and then Push. You may need to provide your Bitbucket username and password to confirm that you are authenticated to use the Bitbucket repository.

You can now repeatedly make changes to you code, commit those changes, adding a message each time. Then maybe once a day you can push those comitted changes to the remote server.

In order to get the changes from your team worker(s) you need to Pull their changes down from the remote server.