Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010 is missing a number of extensions that are automatically included as part of Visual Studio 2012, so please use Visual Studio 2012 whenever possible. If for some reason you are forced to use VS 2010, then you will need to follow the instructions below to update VS 2010 so that it will be suitable for the development required.

This is a quick guide to updating Visual Studio 2010 in order to enable it to create and edit SQL Server Express local databases. DMU switched from MS Access to SQL Server this year for the first time, and it has caused serious compatibilty issues. It would seem that Microsoft stopped updating the Server Explorer in Visual Studio so that only SQL Server 2008 and earlier databases can be edited. See SQL Server for a guide to installing SQL Server 2012 Express and the Management Studio.

  1. Go into your programs menu and select windows update and check for updates.
  2. Install any important updates that involve the .NET Framework, SQL Server or Visual Studio, and then restart your pc. Windows Update Dialog
  3. Your Visual Studio must have SP1 installed check by going to Help About. SP1 for Visual Studio 2010 should have come up as a windows update. If not Google it and find the download in the windows web site. It is normally installed by Windows Updates. Visual Studio 2010 About
  4. In order to be able to edit and create stored procedures and tables in an SQL EXPRESS 2012 local database, you need to have the Data Tools for Visual Studio 2010 installed. This can be installed using the Web Platform Installer 4.0. If this is not in your Windows Programs menu install it using the above link.
  5. Run the Web Platform Installer 4.0 and select Products from the top menu and Database from the side menu. Install SQL Server Data Tools
  6. If you have Visual Studio 2012, there a similar install. Once installed in Visual Studio you will have a new window or view called SQL Server Object Explorer. SQL Server Object Explorer
  7. If you cannot see the instance of SQL EXPRESS Server that you have installed (probably SQLEXPRESS2012) then you will need to add it by clicking on the Add SQL Server icon at the top of the view. SQL Server Object Explorer
  8. Once added you can open and explore local SQL EXPRESS databases stored on you memory stick or hard drive. You should be able to modify or create stored procedures under the Programmability database folder.
  9. Finally to add MVC4 projects to Visual Studio use the Web Platform installer 4.0 and select Prodcuts and Frameworks. The scroll down to find ASP.NET MVC4 with Language Packs, click Add followed by install. Install MVC4
  10. MVC4 is already installed in Visual Studio 2012. You can install Visual Studio 2012 along side Visual Studio 2010 and switch between both. VS 2012 also has HTML5 and Mobile jQuery installed.