Unit 20: Client Side Customisation of Web Pages

Lesson 1: Basic HTML

Cascading style sheets (css) is used to change the appearance of an html page which contains the page content. In order to apply css in the best way it is important that the html has been structured semantically (with meaning). This first lesson looks at the basics of Html.

Assessment 1: Assessment 1: Cascading Style Sheets

  • P1 Explain how HTML files access CSS
  • P2 Explain the features of the box model for CSS
  • M1 assess different implementation styles of CSS

Lesson Activities

  1. Complete Survey: Unit 22: Developing Computer Games
  2. 15 min Tutor: Explain Assessments 1 and 2 in detail and answer any questions.
  3. 45 min Presentation Tutor & Students on the Basics of HTML together with a demonstration creating a simple html page using Visual Studio 2013.
  4. 10 min Tutor & Students: Summarise html5 and answer any questions

Useful Resources

  • Codecademy: An interactive way of learning the basics of HTML & CSS, JavaScript and jQuery
  • Video:HTML5 Part 1 A very clear introduction to the basic elements of an HTML5 document
  • Video:HTML5 Part 2 An example of using headings and css (but not used in the best way)
  • Video:HTML5 Part 3 An example of using images and hyperlinks (but again using styles in the html which is regarded as very poor practice!!! Also contains examples of poor html code layout!!!)
  • Video: Designing a Web Site. An example of designing, using sketches and design software to produce website for Joomla, WordPress and others without using PhotoShop.