Unit 20: Client Side Customisation of Web Pages

Lesson 2: Semantic HTML5

Assessment 1: Assessment 1: Cascading Style Sheets

  • P1 Explain how HTML files access CSS
  • P2 Explain the features of the box model for CSS
  • M1 assess different implementation styles of CSS

Lesson Activities

  1. Survey Results: Unit 22: Developing Computer Games
  2. 10 min Tutor: Summarise last lesson on the basics of HTML.
  3. 25 min Presentation Tutor & Students Semantic HTML5 together with a demonstration creating a simple example html5 page.
  4. 40 min Students: An excercise on using HTML5 tags to structure a typical web page.
  5. Example Text: Peacocks Wines
  6. Example HTML: Peacocks Wines
  7. 10 min Tutor & Students: Summarise html5 and answer any questions

Useful Resources