Unit 20: Client Side Customisation of Web Pages

Lesson 6: ASP.NET Web Forms Project

This lesson includes step by step guidance on creating an ASP.NET website and including jQuery and Bootstrap features.

Assessment 2: Assessment 2: Mini Website

  • P5 create interactive web pages using CSS and a scripting language
  • P6 test interactive web pages
  • M3 employ good practice in the design and implementation of web pages
  • D2 evaluate the web pages and discuss improvements

Lesson Activities

  1. 15 min Students: Download Unit20_MiniSite from Oaklearn and copy the folder into your Unit 20 folder. Open it in Visual Studio 2012 (or 2013 at home)
  2. 5 Minutes Students: Goto Tools > Extensions & Updates and install the Git Source control provider and Web Essentials. Goto Tools > Options and set Source Control to Git. Create a Git repository, commit your changes and push them up to Bitbucket. and
  3. 30 Minutes Students: Open the Site.Master page and modify the header, footer and navigation
  4. 30 Minutes Students: Add new pages and link in, add appropriate content

Useful Resources