Unit 20: Client Side Customisation of Web Pages

Lesson 8: Adding JavaScript & CSS

This lesson includes step by step guidance on modifying an ASP.NET Website by adding appropriate contebt.

Assessment 2: Assessment 2: Mini Website

  • P5 create interactive web pages using CSS and a scripting language
  • P6 test interactive web pages
  • M3 employ good practice in the design and implementation of web pages
  • D2 evaluate the web pages and discuss improvements

Lesson Activities

  1. 30 Minutes Tutor & Students: Add a google map to the contact page
  2. 30 Minutes Tutor & Students: Add Bootstrap JavaScript fetures to your website
  3. 15 Minutes Tutor: Presentation on Progressive Enhancement Using Css3
  4. 30 Minutes Tutor & Students: Modify and add css code to change the style and appearance of the website to match the original design.
  5. 30 Minutes Tutor & Students: Add jQuery-UI affects and use customised themes in terms of styling.

Useful Resources