Using Dreamweaver CS5.5

These pages contain help with the basic functions using Dreamweaver CS5.5 to develop small static web sites.

Getting Started - Sites, Folders & Files

Getting started using Dreamweaver involves defining the web site, which at its simplest is a root folder inside of which all the web sites content is located. The site itself is refer to by a name.

Having defined the site, you can create a standard page using HTML5 which consists of a header, footer, navigation area and one or more sections

The main content of the web page could typically contain large paragraphs of text which can be imported from other documents such as MS Word documents. Laying out the HTML code to ensure that it is as readable as possible is crucial to being able to create web sites that are easily managed and updated in future.

Setting Dreamweaver Preferences

HTML code can be re-formatted to improve its readbability. However in my view the default settings in Dreamweaver are not optimized for readability. These settings can however be changed by modifying the Code Preferences and the Tag Libraries

Dreamweaver Templates & Library Items

  1. Library Items
  2. Template Pages
  3. Example Layouts