Quick Tour of VPMS

A quick guide on using VPMS, step by step each with a short video illustrating how to use the software.

Step 1 - Starting a Project

  1. Login to the system and go to the Projects tab
  2. Create a new project and give it a name everyone will easily recognise
  3. Set the date by which the project should be completed (Due Date)
  4. Goto the People tab and invite all the people you want to collaborate with on this project
  5. Goto the Milestones tab, and sub-divide the project into a series of stages

Step 2 - Planning the Tasks

Adding the tasks required to achieve each of the milestones, and assigning them to one or more collaborators who can be automatically notified by email or sms. The assigned tasks can be added to personal calendars which can be synchronised with Outlook or Google calendars.

Step 3 - Documenting the Project

Any proposed project can be supported by a wide variety of documents including proposed features, aims or objectives. These features or objectives can then be supplemented by designs, specifications, checklists, proposed tests and diagrams. This documentation can be organised as web pages in a Wiki, or by uploaded files stored in folders and sub-folders.

Step 4 - Tracking Progress

As the project progresses, overall progress can be reported and tracked in terms of completeness by ticking off tasks as they are completed. The cost of the project can be estimated by recording actual and expected time spent in completing the tasks. Workloads can be adjusted, and completion dates estimated.

Step 5 - Getting Feedback

As the project progresses, there will inevitably be problems and issues that hinder the completion of the project. These issues can be recorded, and assigned to collaborators to resolve. Collaborators can easily post ideas and proposed improvements which all can see at a glance. This is more efficient than emails flying between individuals. The posted ideas can be seen by all, and can be sorted into categories.


If you would rather use the word Stage, instead of Milestone you can go to your settings tab, and change Milestone for Stage (or any other prefered term).