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General Introduction

The Valerian Project Management System (VPMS) is designed to help you easily manage any kind of project (professional, educational, business or personal). It provides you with online support for planning tasks and assigning them to people, updating personal calendars and to-do lists, sending reminders and communicating progress and issues automatically to your collaborators.

Associated documentation such as plans, designs, specifications and diagrams are easily shared in a central online form (in the clouds) with access over the internet using PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.


Egyption Pharo issuing orders

Increased communications between project collaborators

The key features of this system are:-


Egytption Prymids being built

Any kind of project can be planned, managed and controlled easily


Design for Egytption Prymids

Plans, designs and other documentation can easily be accessed by everybody


Egyption Hieroglyphics

The terminology can be customised to make the system more understandable to users


Small Egyption stone tablet

Accessible from any internet enabled device, including mobile phones and tablets