About Valerian Project Management


Valerian Software is based in Leicester, UK and was created in 2010 by Dr Derek Peacock, who has taught Software Development at Universities and Colleges of Further Education for the past 30 years. Having reached retirement age, he wanted the opportunity to do software development for real, and believes that web based software will become the dominent form of software in the future.

Several ex students, friends, family and colleagues have provided support and encouragement, however Derek is currently doing most of the development himself. He would love to find some like minded individuals who want to volunteer their time to assist in the development of this site. Any one interested must have one or more of the following skills:-


Anyone interested please email to Derek

Feedback on this Site

I will be very pleased to recieve any comments, thoughts, suggestions, bug reports on this site. Please goto the Valerian Software Blog Site, and post a comment. You will need a user name and password to log in, so please email me for that (see above email address).