Valerian Project Management Features

A short summary of all the main features of Valerian Project Management System.

Online Collaboration

Gantt Chart showing linked tasks

  • Cloud based - Projects accessible anywhere, anytime using any device
  • Can be shared with other team members
  • Can be documented to include diagrams and designs
  • Tasks can be assigned to people and tracked

Planning and Scheduling

Gantt Chart showing linked tasks

  • Plans can be synchronized with personal calendars
  • Day to day tracking of progress
  • Changes can be communicated automatically
  • Automatic notification of overdue tasks

Online Communications

Young girl using computer
  • Every document related to the project easily acessible
  • Blogging - Everyone's views and opinions can be easily seen and shared
  • Wiki - All diagrams, specifications, checklists easily shared
  • Everything easily linked to other resources

Ease of Use

Young girl using computer
  • How to Videos for all tasks
  • Templates to speed up repetitive tasks
  • All technical language can be customised to improve usablility
  • Every aspect accessible in one place

Project Based Focus

  • A project is the central focus
  • Projects can have Milestones, Features and Tasks
  • All associated documents, diagrams specification, and testing linked to the project
  • Gantt chart view and useful printed reports

Project Tracking

  • The progress towards completion of tasks is tracked for all to see
  • Resource allocation can be tracked and adjusted
  • Workloads can be compared and adjusted
  • Project costs can be estimated and checked