Lesson 4: Styling HTML5 using CSS - Part 2

  1. Styling an HTML5 Page (Presentation with Notes)
  2. Clearing Floats

tv.Adobe Videos

These videos are approximately 10 minutes each and they use id and class names instead of html5 tags. However they illustrate the same principals you need to style your current page.

  1. More Fun with CSS Layouts 1: An example of using CSS to position elemements such as a transparent images, and how to prepare images for use as background images/.
  2. More Fun with CSS Layouts 2: An example of adjusting margins to get the optimal layout for a page. This video also starts the process of adding web site navigation
  3. More Fun with CSS Layouts 3: This video concludes the styling of the menu navigation bar, and also shows how you can indicate which page you are in by styling the menu entry differently.

Teach Yourself Dreamweaver CS5

  1. Hour 12: Using CSS for Positioning
  2. Hour 8: Displaying Images