Web Development with DreamWeaver Stage 2

Module Aims and Objectives

The purpose of this web site is to offer support and assistance to people learning how best to develop web sites using Dreamweaver CS5.5. The main aims for this site (and the associated course) are to understand:-

  • How to best structure a web page using HTML5
  • How to best format a web page using CSS 2.1
  • The best way to use Dreamweaver CS5.5
  • How to make the best use of Dreamweaver Templates
  • How to best structure small web sites
  • How to test, validate and upload a small web site

Lesson Plan

  1. Basic HTML, Files, Folders and Sites.
  2. HTML5 Semantics with new tags
  3. Structuring Pages using HTML5
  4. Using Cascading Style Sheets
  5. Page Styling using CSS - Part 1
  6. Page Styling using CSS - Part 2
  7. Creating Multi-column Pages using CSS
  8. Templates & Library Items