OCR Level 2 Diploma in IT

Unit 9: Website Development - Lesson 1

This lesson focuses on creating web page components and in particular HTML5 components that provide the basic page structure.

Lesson 1 Activities (11-Jan-2018)

Time Tutor Activity Learner Activity Challenge Learning Checks

create website components to meet client needs

review website components, suggesting improvement

justify how components used will enhance a website

use advanced techniques to improve a website, including accessibility features

Introduce learning outcomes and lessons plan Listen and ask questions    
Show an example MS Word document and ask learners to identify the structural components Identify the structural components of a typical word document How does this document differ from a web page Suggested components and questions
Show selected web page and request that learners in groups of 1/2 identify and break down the page into structural components Identify the main structural components of the web page Use a second web page with a very different structure for groups which quickly complete the first task Check each groups list of components
Explain basic HTML5 tags and demonstrate their use in a basic web page In pairs create a web page and use each of the demonstrated HTML5 tags to create a simple pages Modify the simple page to match the first example page Check each learners web page on screen
Explain some aspects of accessibility and demonstrate their use Add accessibility attributes to images    
Go around and assist each pair as required Modify the simple page to match the first example page Create a second page to match the second selected web page Check each learners web page
Show example model answer and Summarise the main concepts Listen and ask questions Suggest alternative solutions  

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