OCR Level 2 Diploma in IT

Overview - Unit 9: Website Development

This unit will prepare learners to design, create and test a fully functioning website to meet a client’s specification, while also providing the basic knowledge of the components that aid web accessibility.

This unit aims to enable learners to develop the skills and understanding required to design websites (using CASE tools such as Visual Paradigm 15 ) and develop web pages and sites (using Visual Studio 2017 )

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Know web architecture and components
  2. Understand how websites can be used by organisations
  3. Be able to design website components
  4. Be able to create website components

Assessment Criteria

P1: identify the hardware and software components which enable internet and web functionality P2: describe the role of web architecture in website communications
P3: explain the uses of websites in organisations P4: design website components, considering client needs
P5: use appropriate formatting tools, styles and templates to prepare content for the website P6: create website components to meet client needs
P7: review website components, suggesting improvements  

Grading Criteria

M1: produce annotated design documentation for an interactive website to meet client needs  
M2: justify how components used will enhance a website D1: use advanced techniques to improve a website, including accessibility features
M3: apply improvements identified from testing and client feedback D2: evaluate how your site compares with commercially prepared sites

Unit 9 Lessons