Unit 14: Event Driven Programming

This unit aims to enable learners to develop the skills and understanding required to design (using CASE tools such as Visual Paradigm 12.1 ) and develop (using Visual Studio 2015) event driven applications

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the features of event driven programming
  2. Be able to use the tools and techniques of an event driven language
  3. Be able to design event driven applications
  4. Be able to implement event driven applications

Evidence for Assessment 1: Event Drivent Features

Criteria Evidence Description Achieved
P1 Evidence » explain the key features of event driven programs
P2 Evidence » demonstrate the use of event driven tools and techniques
M1 Evidence » discuss how an operating system can be viewed as an event driven application
M2 No Evidence give reasons for the tools and techniques used in the production of an event driven application
D1 No Evidence evaluate the suitability of event driven programs for non-graphical applications

Evidence for Assessment 2: Event Drivent Applications

Criteria Evidence Description Achieved
P3 No Evidence design an event driven application to meet defined requirements
P4 No Evidence implement a working event driven application to meet defined requirements
P5 No Evidence test an event driven application
P6 No Evidence create onscreen help to assist the users of a computer program.
M3 No Evidence analyse actual test results against expected results to identify discrepancies
M4 No Evidence create technical documentation for the support and maintenance of a computer program
M4 No Evidence evaluate an event driven application.

Colour Coding

No Evidence Submitted Evidence Submitted Evidence Accepted Evidence Not Accepted