Derek's e-Portfolio

A summary of all the skills developed and certified produced as part of an Extended National Diploma in IT

Professional & Transferable Skills

Skill Skill Type Best Score Certified
HTML Basic Professional 95%
HTML 5 Enhancements Professional  
CSS Basic Professional  
CSS 3 Enhancement Professional  
C# Basics Professional  
C# Intermediate Professional  
C# Advanced Professional  
JavaScript Basics Professional  
Bootstrap CSS Professional  
Bootstrap JavaScript Professional  
jQuery Basics Professional  
ASP.NET Technologies Professional  
Git Version Control Professional  
Database Design Professional  
SQL Server Professional  
Unity Professional  
Microsoft Word Basics Transferable  
Microsoft Excel Basics Transferable  
Microsoft PowerPoint Basics Transferable  
Group Dynamic Skills Transferable  

Learning Skills Online

A usefull site for a wide range of subject areas including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, C#. However it costs between £70-£150 per course. The courses have customer reviews and there are over 32,000 courses now. Visual Paradigm is using CodeCademy for its online courses which are free. I have not tried these.

There are only a few courses available, but they are free and they are interactive. They include HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. TI have tried them, and they are of middling quality.

SitePoint Premium
They focus on Web Development, and I have tried them and the quality of the courses is high although they are not interactive. The cost is reasonable at $9/month, although you have to sign up for one year. The main SitePoint website has many good articles, and they publish excellent books on web development. The range of courses is limited to HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and ASP.NET

This is an excellent free site for any of the Microsoft based technologies including MVC and Web Forms. They have tutorials and videos on a range of topics but those do not include non microsoft langauges such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.