ASP.NET Web Development Course

Course Aims

There are currently around 300 jobs in ASP.NET web development available within 30 miles of Stevenage with salaries ranging between £25,000 to £50,000.  Even with a Degree in Computing it is hard to get such a job without at least 2 years relevant experience.

This course offers you an opportunity to update your web development skills to use the very latest technologies and become certified as a Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA).  The MTAs are new qualifications recently introduced by Microsoft to help bridge the skill gap between completing traditional qualifications (such as HND and BSc Degree) and knowing the subject in enough depth to start a job in web development.

The course will have two main aims:

  • To develop your practical skills to create and publish a modern dynamic and responsive web site that can work on mobile devices.
  • To increase your in-depth technical understanding sufficiently to pass MTA certification.

What are we offering:

The course will offer you opportunities to develop your understanding of, and your ability to use:

  • Best practices in modern web and software development including:
  • Semantic HTML5 with text, media, tables, forms and graphics
  • CSS3 and responsive mobile first CSS Frameworks.
  • JavaScript with jQuery libraries to enhance the user interface.
  • SQL Server 2012 Databases and database design.
  • C# Coding using object-oriented design patterns.
  • Test Driven Development
  • ASP.NET MVC5 in Visual Studio 2013 to quickly create the above.
  • Pair Programming and working in teams
  • The lessons will be largely demonstration and workshop based.
  • The lessons will be led by a tutor with over 40 years’ experience of software development.
  • Access is available to the tutor’s websites at and both built using ASP.NET
  • 3 Microsoft MTA Certificates (optional)
  • OCR Level 3 Award in  IT User Skills (ITQ) (optional)