OCR Level 2 Diploma in IT

Unit 27: Developing Program Solutions

This unit will enable learners to create programming solutions in an appropriate development environment, including testing and debugging the code.

This unit aims to enable learners to develop the skills and understanding required to design graphics user interfaces (using CASE tools such as Visual Paradigm 15 ) and develop windows forms using Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Basic.NET

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Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand appropriate programming languages for a proposed solution
  2. Be able to produce programming code for a software solution
  3. Be able to debug programming code for a software solution
  4. Be able to test a software solution

Assessment Criteria

P1: explain the choice of programming languages for a proposed solution P2: outline the structure to be used for programming code to meet a proposed solution.
P3: produce programming code for a given specification using appropriate syntax P4: use debugging techniques to find and correct errors in programming code
P5: test the functionality of the software solution  

Grading Criteria

M1: explain how the chosen programming language will be suitable for future expansion or enhancement  
M2: format the code using appropriate layout and indentation D1: annotate the code with appropriate comments
M3: implement a change to the software solution based on identified refinements D2: enhance the code to improve efficiency and quality of solution

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