Extended National Diploma in IT

Unit 20: Client Side Customisation of Web Pages - Week 2

Cascading style sheets (css) is used to change the appearance of an html page which contains the page content. JavaScript is a programming language that is commonly used to add functionality to a web page.

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Assessment Criteria

  1. Understand the fundamentals of scripting languages


Week 2 Activities - JavaScript Coding

Week Lesson Activity Learning Assessment Skill Developed

explain the fundamentals of a scripting language

discuss how a scripting language can improve functionality

Explore how web pages using scripts are implemented in different browsers

  • 10 min Summarise last lesson on the basics of HYML & css.
  • 80 min Complete the report on CSS for assessment 1
  • Questions and Answers
  • Css Report
  • CSS Styling
  • HTML5 Coding
  • 30 min Presentation: The Basics of JavaScript together with a demonstration of using scripting.
  • 30 min Website: Bootstrap JavaScript Explore the available JavaScript effects
  • 30 min Website: jQuery-UI JavaScript Explore the available JavaScript effects
  • 20 min Website: select five JavaScript effects from Bootstrap or jQuery to use in your own website.
  • P3 Questions and Answers
  • M2 js example code
  • Use Chrome Inspect
  • JavaScript Coding

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