Higher Nationals in Computing

Unit 14: Web Design


  1. 15th December 2016 Assessment 14.1: Website Design Final

Lesson 2: Semantic HTML5 Markup

HTML5 in my view is the biggest ever change to HTML coding, and the changes provide all that was needed to raise web based applications to match the performance and flexibility of windows based applications. Web pages can now work offline, and can make full use of hardware based 2D and 3D graphics accelerators.

In particular there are more new HTML tags available than in any previous version change. These new tags have been introduced to add consistancy and meaning to web page structure, as well as improve accessibility. Using these new tags well can considerably reduce the need to define css classes such as

<div class="menu">

  1. Presentation: Introduction to HTML Tags
  2. Presentation: The New HTML5 Tags (Notes)
  3. Select a suitable Model web site for your project
  4. Create a single Visual Studio 2015 Website based on an Empty Asp.Net Web Application
  5. Create a suitable folder structure and add empty HTML and CSS files
  6. Create one page similar to Peacock's Wines with header, footer, aside, navigation and main content and using semantic markup.
  7. Try out the code auto complete versus design view coding.
  8. Formatting Code in Visual Studio.

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