Staking Simulations

From Fixed Odds Sports Betting by Joseph Buchdahl the tables below show the averaged results from 10,000 simulations with 250 bets placed with a starting bankroll of £100

Fixed Stakes

  • This is the simplest form of staking with each bet involving a stake of £1
  • It has the lowest returns of any staking method

Fixed Percentage

  • The returns on Fixed Percentage compared to Fixed Stakes are all higher.
  • At the lowest stakes (1 point stake) the increase in returns are small about 6%, but at the highest stakes the increase goes shooting up to over 2000%
  • The risks of bankruptcy is close to zero for stakes up to 5 points. Even with 10 point stakes, the risk of bankruptcy is still very low for odds of 0.5 or 0.6, but is unacceptably high for shorter odds (up to 40% risk).
  • The risks of not making a profit are also higher.