Hi, my name is Derek Peacock

I am a software developer with 45 years experience, who likes to keep abreast of best practice and the use of IT to make real life jobs much easier and quicker to complete.

Facts about me

  • I graduated as a Botanist from Liverpool University at the time that the beatles were in the charts
  • My first programs were written in Fortran IV on punched cards to reconstruct the eveloutionary history of the flowering plant knigdom.
  • I have a PhD in Plant Biochemistry for studying Formate Dehydrogenase of the Leguminosae and multi-substrate enzyme kinetics
  • I thought Microsoft's Age of Empires was a brilliant 2D game, and wrote my own version of it in Pascal using DirectX
  • I own and XBox 360 and like playing the Tomb Raider series as well as Guitar Hero and Rock Band.
  • I am a keen tennis player, and play regularly at St Albans Tennis Club.
  • I sang with the Rock Choir at Liverpools O2 Arena and the Cavern.
  • I have written a complete online qualifcation tracking system similar to Pro Monitor using ASP.NET Web Forms, Visual Basic and SQL Server 2005
  • I have written an online project management system in C# and ASP.NET MVC3 with an SQL Server 2008 Database backend
  • Currently updating my software development support website (ValerianWeb.com/tutor) from Web Forms to MVC5

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Skill Set

  • 20 Years
    Basic/Visual Basic 90%
  • 20 Years
    Pascal/Delphi 90%
  •  8 Years
    HTML 5 90%
  •  8 Years
    CSS 3 80%
  •  6 Years
    C# 70%
  • 10 Years
    Java 70%
  • 20 Years
    UML Analysis & Design 70%
  •  20 Years
    Project Management 60%
  •  6 Years
    JavaScript 50%
  •  20 Years
    HCI Design 40%
  •  0 Years
    Graphics Design 20%

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