BNU: BSc in Computing

CO567: Object-Oriented Systems Development

OO Analysis and Design using Java and BlueJ

Learning Outcomes

  1. LO1: Demonstrate the fundamental concepts and principles of the object-oriented approach to the complete software lifecycle.
  2. LO2: Analyse a problem area in an object-oriented manner, identifying the relationship between objects and the real world.
  3. LO3: Design a solution using an object-oriented methodology, with all the required supporting documentation.
  4. LO4: Analyse a problem area and interpret a given object-oriented design in terms of required implementation in a designated high level object-oriented programming language
  5. LO5: Appraise the potential object-oriented system development along with discussing and applying the current trends in object-oriented metrics and testing.
  6. LO6: Manage and work within the dynamics of a software development team using CASE development tools and to be able to produce a report with appropriately analysed conclusions.

Module Plan

CO567 Module Plan 2018


Module Weekly Plan

Week Date Subject Content Practical
1 Oct 04 Introduction Object-Oriented Systems Development Intro to Java and BlueJ
2 Oct 11 Information Systems Development Java Objects and Classes
3 Oct 18 Information System Challenges & Problems Java Object Interaction
4 Oct 25 Object-Orientation Java Object Grouping
5 Nov 1 UML CASE Tool (VP) - Use Case Diagrams Java Object Behaviours
6 Nov 8 UML CASE Tool (VP) - Activity Diagrams Java Designing Classes
7 Nov 15 TCA 1 - Requirements Analysis VP Modelling
8 Nov 22 Refining Requirements Java Testing Objects
9 Nov 29 Object Interaction Java Inheritance
10 Dec 06 Specifying Operations Java Inheritance
11 Dec 13 Moving into Design Java GUI & Abstraction
12 Dec 20 Further Design Modelling Java without BlueJ
13-15 Jan 10 - Jan 29 Assignment Workshop SUBMIT CW2

Useful Resources