BNU: BSc in Computing

CO453: Application Programming

.NET Windows Programming Using C#

Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyse a simple requirement in a structured manner
  2. Design, document, implement and test reliable, maintainable programs as solutions to simple problems
  3. Use structured techniques of design and implementation and good documentation practice
  4. Use software development tools

BNU Module Plan

CO453 Module Scheme 2020

Assessment Briefs

Submission Templates

Module Weekly Plan 2020

Week Date Subject Content Practical
1 Feb 6 C# Console 4 - Methods and Parameters C# Directed Study - Unit 4
2 Feb 13 C# Console 5 - Arrays C# Directed Study - Unit 5
3 Feb 20 C# Console 6 - SPS Game C# Directed Study - Project Unit
4 Feb 27 Workshop Complete Part A (30%)
5 Mar 5 C# Windows Forms - Calculator C# Directed Study - Unit 1
6 Mar 12 C# Windows Forms - SPS Game C# Directed Study - Unit 2
7 Mar 19 C# Windows Forms - .NET GUI Controls C# Directed Study - Unit 3
8 Mar 26 C# Multiple Form Projects C# Directed Study - Unit 4
9 Apr 2 Workshop
Apr 8 - Apr 26

Three Week Easter Break

11 Apr 30 Windows Forms C# Animation C# Directed Study - Unit 5
Complete Part B (40%)
12 May 7 Windows Forms C# Graphics C# Directed Study - Unit 6
13 May 14 Windows Forms C# Etch-a-Sketch C# Directed Study - Unit 7
14 May21 ASP.NET Web Applications in C# C# Directed Study - Unit 8
15 May 28 Workshop Complete Part C (30%)

Alternative Course Texts

Windows forms is an older technology from Microsoft, based on Delphi, and was popular around 2006. Currently there are no good books I could recommend that go into details on the visual controls used to create the user interface.

The first book below is a good guide to the C# language, but has nothing on Windows forms and associated controls. The second recommendation does go into detail on creating user interfaces using visual controls, but is based on ASP.NET and Web Forms which was popular around 2011. The current best technology has moved on to ASP.NET MVC, C#7.1 and .NET Core.

  1. Book Microsoft Visual C# Step by Step by John Sharp, Microsoft Press (2015), £25
  2. Book Beginning ASP.NET in C# and VB by Imar Spaanjaars (2012), John Wiley, £24

Useful Resources