BNU: BSc in Computing

CO599: Work Based Project

Personal and Professional Development & Project Planning

Learning Outcomes

  1. LO1: Compile and present evidence of their personal and professional development
  2. LO2: Articulate and explain their achievements, experiences and competencies, in order to review and plan their own continuing development.
  3. LO3: Select, specify, plan and conduct a project to address the particular requirements of a user, customer or business context
  4. LO4: Communicate effectively, with well-structured verbal and written reports, as demanded in academic and professional domains

Module Plans

BNU CO599 Module Plan 2018-2019


Module Weekly Plan

Week Date Subject Content Practical
1 Feb 07 Personal & Professional Development Assessing Your Skills
2 Feb 14 Project Planning and Management CW2: Project Plan
3 Feb 21 Whaler Project CW1: Module Skills
4 Feb 28 Requirements Analysis CW1: Action Plan
5 Mar 07 Use Case Diagrams CW1: Job Specification
6 Mar 14 CV & Job Letter CW1: CV, Job Letter
7 Mar 21 Quality and Evaluation CW2: Project Design
8 Mar 28 CW1: Reflective Diary Part Submit CW1: Feedback
Apr 4 - Apr 24

Three Week Easter Break

9 Apr 25 PowerPoint Presentation (17%) CW1: Completion
10 May 2 CW2: Workshop CW1: Handin
11 May 9 CW2: Workshop CW2: Project Implementation
12 May 16 CW2: Workshop CW2: Project Testing
13 May 23 CW2: Project Presentations (25%) CW2 Evaluation
14 May 30 CW2: Workshop CW2 Handin

Useful Resources