BNU: BSc in Computing

CO457: Business Modelling

Analysing and Modelling Business Processes

Learning Outcomes

  1. LO1: Describe and contextualise different business processes and their inter-relationships
  2. LO2: Demonstrate an understanding of business analysis and its important role in defining and implementing new systems
  3. LO3: Explain and use different mapping and modelling techniques for examining existing processes and future innovations

Module Plans

BNU CO457 Module Plan 2018-2019


Module Weekly Plan

Week Date Subject Content Practical
1 Feb 05 Business Modelling CW1 Employee Table
2 Feb 12 Business Scope CW1 Restaurant Organisation
3 Feb 19 Business Architecture CW1: Activities & Transactions
4 Feb 26 Use Case Models CW1: 8 Activity Diagrams
5 Mar 05 Use Case Diagrams CW1: Functional Requirements
6 Mar 12 BPMN Modelling Part 1 CW1: Completion
7 Mar 19 BPMN Modelling Part 2 CW1: Completion
8 Mar 26 Swim Lanes & Artifacts CW1: Handin, CW2: Mission Statement
Apr 1 - Apr 22

Three Week Easter Break

9 Apr 23 Business Rules and Decision Tables CW2: Stategies and Goals
10 Apr 30 Glossary, Attributes & Relationships CW2: Functional Diagrams
11 May 7 Timing, Matrices & Interfaces CW2: Use Case Diagrams
12 May 14 Motivation and Supplementary Factors CW2: Business Rules
13 May 21 Prioritisation and Stakeholder Views CW2 Refining
14 May 28 Producing User Requriements CW2 Completion
15 Jun 4 CW2: Handin CW2 Handin

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