BNU Code Marking System

This system defines assessment marking criteria for modules that involve coding applications (Apps) using C# or Java.

Currently CO452 App02 Tickets has been filtered out by setting the due week to zero.

Learn about building Web apps with ASP.NET Core 5.0 MVC .

Listing of CO452 Apps

PK Module App Description Weight Actions
2 CO452 App21-01 Enrolments Students enrolling on a course 10%
3 CO452 App21-02 Grades Converting module marks into grades 20%
4 CO452 App21-03 Products Maintaining a list of products for sale 20%
5 CO452 App21-04 Stock Adding a user interface to the products app 20%
15 CO452 App21-05 Songs A time limited application 0%
6 CO452 App21-06 Zuul Colossal Adventure type of console game 30%