Unit 14: Event Driven Programming

Assessment 1: Event Driven Features

You are working for “Lets Train U”, a training organisation that provides training in its own training centres, on customer’s sites and as an on-line resource. You have been given the job of producing an article (suitable for posting on the web site) that explains the features of event driven applications, and that demonstrates the use of event driven tools and techniques

Submitted On: 05/Oct/2015

P1:Features of Event Driven Applications

IDEs and GUIs

Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) are commonly used for most modern operating systems and the applications and programs they run. Each of the applications that runs under an operating system such as Windows 10 use the same user interface objects (controls) and combine them to form dialogs and pages in similar ways.

The example shown below is a dialog in Visual Studio 2015 running under Windows 10. In it you can identify buttons, text boxes, radio buttons, and a text area. It follows the windows convention of having the ok and cancel buttons on the bottom right of the form. It also has a title bar with a cross in the top right hand corner that can be used to close the form.

User Interface Controls

Event handlers and Triggers

  1. Mouse Click
  2. Mouse Hover
  3. Mouse Leave
  4. Key Press

Objects and Classes

Event Loops

M1: Event Driven Operating Systems

D1: Non Graphical Applications

Event Driven Tools and Techniques

P2: Examples of Using EDTs

M2: Reasons for Using EDTs